To those who love being out on the water, escaping the seemingly mundane life of landlubbers, Nov 1st often signals time up on this idyllic life – but with the current mild weather many have been eking out their time afloat.  The demand for lifts and lay ups stretches beyond each days’ available tide so boats wait patiently in the basin for their turn in the hoist.  The smell of the sea lingers in the air as each boat is lifted and pressure washed, scattering barnacles and weed onto the quay.

The Deben is strangely quiet. The holiday feel has gone, moorings are becoming empty and there is a workman like feel to those using the river.  Boats are heading with a purpose rather than floating wherever the wind and tide take them.  A few hardy folks who prefer to paddle their small vessels can still be seen, but their course is a training one and they pass by with a determined pull rather than a relaxed sweep of an oar.

Life on the yard also has a purposeful pace with the whole team making the most of every moment of high water and natural light. As the afternoon light fades earlier and earlier their focus turns to finishing workshop jobs ready for the next day’s list.