Welcome to the home of Melton Boatyard 

Also known as Granary Yacht Harbour. A proper working boatyard on the River Deben.

Here at Melton Boatyard we pride ourselves in good honest service.  We are down to earth and, in a boating world increasingly full of shiny paint and expensive solutions, refreshingly straightforward. This is a traditional working boatyard and we are proud of it.

Our 30 berth marina is modestly priced and our floating berths stay full all summer, although we can usually accommodate short term requests by moving our own small fleet to free up a berth.  Long standing customers become our friends and many have been here for years. Customers tell us they appreciate our friendly service, relaxed attitude and open approach.
We are able to store 100 boats ashore and maintain a few swing moorings and mud berths upon request.

Years of experience

The yard was established by Mel and Jennifer Skeet in 1981. They brought with them a wealth of knowledge, experience and a love of everything nautical. Working as a family with their son Simon,  they quickly established a workshop offering service and repairs. Once they had dredged the marina and built a quay; the next step was to install a 40 tonne travel hoist. Rapidly, Melton Boatyard was able to provide a complete marine service to the users of the Deben and beyond.
Lifting boats of all shapes and sizes for more than 30yrs, Simon has more experience than most in handling all types of vessels out of water. Easy access to the yard means transportation can be loaded almost straight from the dock and within 10 mins be on the A12.
There is a great team on hand, each with their own speciality.For more about us, click here >>

A broad range of services

Specialists in grit blasting and epoxy coatings on steel. osmosis treatment, antifoul removal, topside resprays and all aspects of engineering.
The majority of works are carried out on site, GRP, welding, carpentry, engineering, electrical repairs, marine plumbing, epoxy work, painting, varnishing etc. but from time to time we call upon a specialist to support your solution.
We offer multiple welding processes (TIG, MIG, spot & stud) of all types of material (mild steel, aluminium and stainless). Customers are offered a personal service, where we will discuss your requirements and offer advice on which welding process suits your needs, before delivering quality welding and manufacturing solutions.

We have a wealth of independent and specialist services working with the yard including surveyors, riggers, sophisticated electronics work, wood turning, ultra-sound thicknessing, sail making, valeting and brokerage. We are happy to complete your whole requirements on site or recommend our trusted specialists. Our many suppliers can help with sourcing difficult parts or services as required.

Well equipped workshop.  Here ‘Gladys’ a Finesse 28 and ‘Vagabond’ a Robertson’s Gaff Sloop 22 are receiving essential repairs, restoration and varnish work.  

Our wet dock with 40 tonne hoist.  We take care when stropping and lifting your boat which can be up to 65′ with a 17’6 beam.  Boats of a 7’6″ draft can be lifted with mast height up to 22″.

Our large workshop allows preparation and painting to take place all year round.  Here a Bruce Roberts 58 receives a coat of antifoul primer prior to a topside finish.

Knowing that your boat is safe and secure when ashore is important, and you can trust Melton Boatyard for that peace of mind.

We take care of everything, from the moment she arrives. Lift from water or transport, set down and shoring up, covers, mast removal, prop removal, pressure wash, engine winterisation and pre season treatments.

If you would like a quote, please fill in this form and we’ll be in touch.

We understand that many people prefer to work on their own boat.

We are very happy to support your self service work in our yard – we are always there to help or give advice.

We do ask that you follow our guidelines:

  • Don’t remove any shores!
  • Don’t use hazardous chemicals or dangerous processes without telling us.
  • Keep your area tidy and be considerate to others.

This is a working yard with equipment that needs plenty of room. Always ask Simon or the office where to park your car to ensure clear access for the travel hoist and crane at all times.

We provide a very wide range of services, and are specialists in:

  • Steel fabrication and welding
  • Steel,  ferro and grp grit blasting
  • Osmosis treatment
  • Epoxy and GRP laminates
  • Paint and Varnish Finishes
  • Engine re-powering, refits and rebuilds

Why Choose Us

  • Well equipped with crane and travel hoist to 36t and 70 feet
  • Family run business with personal service
  • Large dry shed for projects up to 70′
  • Steelwork, including blasting, welding, fabrication and spraying a speciality
  • No nonsense approach. You pay for the work we do, not fancy marina overheads!
  • Small but well stocked chandlery

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Osmosis treatment.  Lift and pressure wash, removal of gel coat by shot blasting and pressure wash to remove all salts.  Two weeks of 24 hour drying under infra-red lamps to ensure an even dry. When moisture levels are tolerable, first coat of epoxy.  Whole hull  skimmed with filler, left to harden then sanded out.  After fairing is complete, three more applications of epoxy and anti-foul primer. Final anti-fouling, boot topping and full electric topside polishing.

We completely rebuilt our little iron and steel sailing barge at Melton Boatyard. The guys and girls made it all happen for us, and their experience and advice, especially with metal vessels was invaluable. Recommended!
Tim & Gill Allen, Heritage-Travel

Classic Boat Restoration: Lift and pressure wash. Strip rigging and decks. Examine all areas for rot or weakness, repair or replace. Engine overhaul. Sand down to bare wood and begin varnish build. Eight coats of varnish to ensure weatherproof and gloss.  Deck paint. Replace all fittings.