Grit Blasting: removal of rust, build up of old paint and antifoul

Layers of paint and antifoul build up over the years so that the surface of your hull is no longer smooth.  Grit and Shot Blasting can renew your surface.
This leads to your hull losing efficiency and new paints and antifoul lacking adhesion. Removal of this build-up by hand is possible, but it is a time-consuming, ineffective and messy job.

Gel Coats: Grit blasting allows the whole process to be completed quickly and efficiently.  We can remove all old coatings, leaving the original gel coat with an etched finish that is clean and prepared, ready for new coatings. The process also exposes any weaknesses in the gel coat such as blistering, cracks or voids.  Efficiency of the final finish is always dependant on the underlying substrate; if there are weaknesses found Simon will give you a call to discuss further action such as repairing, filling or osmosis treatment prior to re-application of surface coatings. It is also possible to remove entire gel coat as part of an osmosis job.  The fibre glass substrate layer is usually opened up, the hull dried, moisture readings taken and a new epoxy coating applied.

Steel Hulls:  Grit blasting can either take your hull back to a first paint level or a white metal finish (bare metal SA2.5) for a complete inspection – after which a primer is quickly applied to avoid exposure to the air. A full inspection of your hull can be carried out by yourselves, your surveyor or through discussion with Simon Skeet, who will be happy to advise on the condition of your hull and appropriate treatments. Plating and fabricating can be completed on site, as well as epoxy coating up to 500 microns giving your vessel a minimum of 10 years protection, providing you keep your hull antifouled and your anodes renewed anually.

Grit blasting to meet your demands is our specialty. We can use fine blasting material for light blasting to remove old coatings without damaging the substrate.  Or using coarser grit, we are able to remove entire build up to give substrate a rougher profile for new coatings to adhere to.

We can blast boats of all sizes our only restritction is a 40 tonne weight (travel hoist lift) and beam. By water, our dock will take up to 17’6″ but by road the railway gates have a clearance width of 15′.

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