Simon Skeet
Simon SkeetManaging Director
Simon Skeet. Experienced in engineering and fabrication Simon’s skills are diverse and include GRP, epoxy work, electrical repairs, marine plumbing and everything else that a boat yard demands. Simon is multi-skilled and is able to advise on any aspect of marine service or repair. With 40 years experience, whatever your query – Simon is your man.
Jennifer Skeet
Jennifer SkeetDirector
Founding the company with Mel in 1981, Jennifer is the friendly face of Melton Boatyard. With a deep knowledge of customer requirements, Jennifer is the one to speak to with all your general enquiries.

Some of the people you’ll meet at the yard….

Max Office secretary, chandlery and everything else.
Max is an invaluable member of the team answering the phone, prioritising the workload and trying to keep Simon organised.
A talented shipwright and carpenter, Chris has 50yrs experience working on a wide variety of vessels.
Mick, Ben and MattAdditional hands
No boatyard can function without capable hands. Mick, Ben and Matt support Simon with all laying up, boat handling and yard work.