November 2016

The dark comes early in November and so the workshops are coming to the fore. 'Willsbry' is blasted and put in for epoxy coating and the smaller workshop houses a classic wooden 28' Twister and a small launch in for new engine beds, clean up and paint but it is quiet on the yard. There [...]

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October 2016

The start of laying up has arrived and it’s the busiest time of the year.  It is now a pressing job to get the yard areas cleared, cradles repaired, props checked and blocks recovered from all the places customers have put them over the summer, when they have found a piece of wood, just the [...]

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September 2016

This has been a busy month. Simon and the yard hands have been trying to clear up the yard to get ready for laying up, but just as they get started another job arrives and this seemingly mundane, but essential job, has got more and more delayed. The sun continues to shine and the days [...]

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