December 2017

'The North Wind does blow and we shall have snow' and what does a boat yard do then? "Work as usual", comes the stalwart reply.  Two extra jumpers, a pair of under trousers and a strong spirit is all that is required by those used to being out in all weathers. December brought rain and [...]

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November 2017

Those trying to get the most out of the season, have finally given up their fight and come in from the cold.  It's been a busy month for the travel hoist.  Nearly all our customers are here at last for their winter lay up, causing a flurry of activity to get them all ashore at once [...]

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October 2017

Clear blue skies and sunny spells have kept boats afloat longer this month, extending the season that usually ends in October for most waterborne folk.  We are seeing this year after year - just as the traditional season comes to an end - a month of good weather falls upon us - and this year [...]

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