May has brought with it a faster pace to life. Jobs keep us busy, with customers eager to go afloat and make the most of the fine weather.  The weather has been glorious. Summer suns have shone on the yard, hastening the desire for long weekends on the water – rather than cleaning, sanding and varnishing or even simply basking on the hard.

Work has been non stop through these light lengthened days. So many jobs have come and gone this month it’s almost impossible to list them all; as fast as we launched boats we seem to have hauled others out. The seasonal stepping of masts, anti-fouling, washing, lifting and launching has filled each day; along with quick repairs and those larger more complex jobs which fill the workshops for days.

‘Samurai’ emerged from the large workshop resplendent in her new coat of paint and varnish. She went afloat as soon as her paint had hardened sufficiently and has taken up well in the basin, with hardly a drip inside.  Quality wooden yachts always take up well and ‘Samurai’ is no exception.  She is now being made ready to make her first voyage of the season.  ‘Scots Mist’ visited us for a quick wash and anti-foul and was soon on her way back to the Tide Mill.  ‘Janthea’ a 1938 gentleman’s launch made an unplanned visit to the yard.  She came up the Deben all the way from Chelsea.  Having sprung a small but rather persistent leak, she required an emergency lift out and repairs to her garboard. This splendid old vessel spent a couple weeks with us before being relaunched and making her way to her new mooring in Woodbridge. ‘Vagabond’ finished her customer restoration and has gone down river to her mooring in Waldringfield.  Mike Meister’s ‘Lisa Life’ popped in for her annual paint and anti-foul and has returned to her quarters at The Tide Mill, while ‘Blackthorn’ (a Thames half barge) went afloat and can be seen at her berth in our marina.

Work in hand includes, ‘Clio’, who has had her varnish work refreshed  and bottom shot-blasted; is currently awaiting an epoxy system. ‘Timberly’ is in the workshop having her annual spruce up. whilst ‘Northumbria’ has moved into our large boat cover on the quay continuing her major refit and restoration work.