Excitement prevails on the yard this month, as we greet the arrival of a new crane.  The old one, purchased by Mel in 1991 was already an elderly lady from the ’60s, but she has served the yard well over the years and was certainly the stalwart of the yard until the travel hoist arrived in 2000. Nevertheless, it was time for a little modernisation, a move from man handling outriggers to hydraulic legs and a little extra height for lifting longer masts.  The new crane is much smaller and easier to manoeuver round the yard, which seems quite small in the winter when full with boats on the hard.  An added benefit, is a tiny bit more comfort in the cab, a move from plywood to foam and vinyl and the door shuts.

The arrival of the new crane sparked a drive to repaint all the plant equipment on the yard and now anything that isn’t moving has been refreshed in Tonka Toy colours. Even the travel hoist has had a wash and epoxy preparation ready for it’s own fresh coat of JCB yellow with black trimmings.

Another significant event this month was the departure of ‘Ginger Dot’.  Affectionately known as the giant white slug by our river wall walkers, she had sat in our marina for 15 years while her owners raised the funds for her completion.  Finally the day came when she departed to Foxes Marina for the completion of their dream to restore this 1922 classic motor yacht to her former glory.  He place in our berth has already been taken up by a 40′ Degroot and a 41′ steel blue water yacht returning from her travels in the Mediterranean.