It’s a hectic time of year for the yard.  The sun has been scorching and relentless for days at at a time. The river looks picture perfect; moorings are filling up and more often than not white sails and rippling wakes are seen, making the river seem smooth and graceful. However, despite these idyllic images, we have had some strong blows recently and white horses with 2′ waves have been creating challenging conditions particularly past Kyson as the river opens out and the wind gets a chance to whip up on these wider reaches.

Launching and hauling remains the order of the day and keeps the team busy on every tide.  The travel hoist is working flat out as Simon tries to eek the most out of every tide, but as fast as he launches one boat, it feels as if another is waiting to come ashore. It is an endless task but it is the bread and butter of daily yard work.

This month ‘Ocean Stream’ a 45′ De Groot has been in our mobile workshop for grit blast, re-expoxying, preparations and paint job all over. Another ’45 De Groot joined us for shot blasting and painting.  The De Groot is a popular vessel, due to their strong build and lasting qualities; we have had three of these through the yard recently and they have all aged well.

The lovely ‘Elwing’ finished her osmosis treatment in our smaller workshop and is ready for her season’s sailing in East Anglia’s local waters.

Our workshops have been full all month.  If you need repairs or repainting for next season do book in early or arrange for it to be complete at a quieter time.  Both workshops have heaters and most repair and paint jobs can be completed all season round.  A last minute request to prepare a boat for launch at this time of year is likely to lead to disappointment.

Sae Wyfling has been back to see us again.  We launched her again this month so she could take part in Woodbridge Regatta; this lovely half size Saxon long ship has now returned home to continue her preparations for celebrations planned for later this year.