August 2017

It's the height of the summer, and days of sunshine make work on the yard hot and difficult but on the river creates warmth and perfect sailing weather. 40' Degroot 'Ocean Stream' continued her spuce up in our workshop last month she was shotblasted and prepared for new paintwork.  She has now had a paint [...]

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July 2017

It's a hectic time of year for the yard.  The sun has been scorching and relentless for days at at a time. The river looks picture perfect; moorings are filling up and more often than not white sails and rippling wakes are seen, making the river seem smooth and graceful. However, despite these idyllic images, [...]

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June 2017

This month Tam Grundy brought 'Ben Michael' to the yard for her annual service, shot blast, repairs and paint. A well known working tug she is often seen working the Deben and local waters. 'Tudo-Bem' a much admired local 45' Dragonfly Trimaran, came in for her annual service and repairs. She has been lifted out [...]

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May 2017

As preparations for the new season are well underway, both workshops are full and the yard rings with the sound of our DIY customers getting their vessels ready for launching. 'Lisa Life' out scrub bottom, anode, antifoul and topsides.  'Poseidon' re-antifoul, anode and skin fittings.

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April 2017

Spectacular sunrises and clear blue skies were the order for the month of April. We had rain, but the high winds that had dominated working days left, leaving behind a stillness and clear spring days that offered brief glimpses of summer months to come.  The Deben often had a low misty haze that clung to [...]

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March 2017

Some early sun filled days in March peaked the interest of a few keen customers who started the process of preparing their boats for the water, but these hints at summer were quickly squashed with cold winds that whipped through the yard, tearing into the most of hardy of river folk. However, this early show [...]

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February 2017

February brought the wind.  Gusts of 70mph ripped through the yard threatening to shake loose anything not tied down. The Orwell Bridge was closed causing traffic chaos. Simon spent the day tying up covers, securing anything the wind might move and tying up halyards, which were noisily flapping against exposed masts.  The large mobile boat cover on [...]

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January 2017

A busy month catching up with jobs held over from December. 'De barra' a 40' Dutch motor boat was brought onto the quay for shot blasting and removal of all the paint from the top sides and hull.  She was then picked up and put into the workshop, masked up and four coats of epoxy [...]

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December 2016

December saw the Skeet family leave the yard behind and fly off to Florida to fulfill Mel's wish that the family should visit a land he loved. The time was split between the peace and tranquility of The Everglades and the hustle and bustle of Orlando. Alligator hunting was the first order of the day. [...]

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November 2016

The dark comes early in November and so the workshops are coming to the fore. 'Willsbry' is blasted and put in for epoxy coating and the smaller workshop houses a classic wooden 28' Twister and a small launch in for new engine beds, clean up and paint but it is quiet on the yard. There [...]

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