Spectacular sunrises and clear blue skies were the order for the month of April. We had rain, but the high winds that had dominated working days left, leaving behind a stillness and clear spring days that offered brief glimpses of summer months to come.  The Deben often had a low misty haze that clung to the water’s edge and didn’t burn off even during warm spring days; leaving a magical and mystical feel to the rising and falling of the Deben’s tidal water.

Our travel hoist has been busy lifting and launching, which has for this month included the classic yacht Ostara who was launched and took up a temporary place in our marina while her owner finished his repairs and a Hardy 27 came in for a light shotblast to remove prior to applying primer and antifoul. New shaft anodes.

As the days have got warmer, our bird life has noticeably increased and has included a pair of Canada Geese, who have become quite friendly and will feed comfortably from our hands.