October 2016

The start of laying up has arrived and it’s the busiest time of the year.  It is now a pressing job to get the yard areas cleared, cradles repaired, props checked and blocks recovered from all the places customers have put them over the summer, when they have found a piece of wood, just the [...]

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September 2016

This has been a busy month. Simon and the yard hands have been trying to clear up the yard to get ready for laying up, but just as they get started another job arrives and this seemingly mundane, but essential job, has got more and more delayed. The sun continues to shine and the days [...]

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August 2016

It's peak season: everyone, who owns a boat, is on the river and those that don't are walking along the river wall. It's a fantastic summer, and wonderful to see so many of our friends and customers making the most of these long languid days afloat. The river looks delightful and invites you to 'come aboard', [...]

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July 2016

Summer suns' have finally arrived and amidst a few rainy days the yard is basked is warm sunshine. This combination of sunshine and rain has led to some spectacular rainbows. The Deben looks lovely, although a few freaky squalls can make sailing a challenge but that's why we love this river, every day is different [...]

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June 2016

It is mid June - and yet rain continues to fall and the wind keeps up its blow.  It seems like summer will never be here.  The yard should be empty, with everyone enjoying the water, but this year it is at its busiest.  As fast as we put one afloat, we haul another out; the hard [...]

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May 2016

May has brought with it a faster pace to life. Jobs keep us busy, with customers eager to go afloat and make the most of the fine weather.  The weather has been glorious. Summer suns have shone on the yard, hastening the desire for long weekends on the water - rather than cleaning, sanding and [...]

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April 2016

April has brought with it bright warm sunny days juxtaposed with grey rain that has blown in on strong winds or sat above us with a creeping coldness, that only those who know the yard well will understand. On the good days, the yard has had a spring like feel and brought many owners in [...]

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March 2016

With the shortest day long gone, nights are beginning to pull out and a little brightness has crept onto the yard.   Cold winds continue to blow rather than snow or ice descend, although a few mornings have turned tarpaulins white and made steps slippery. These sharp mornings have led to the most beautiful red, pink, [...]

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February 2016

Relentless wind and rain continue to batter the yard, interposed with unseasonably mild conditions.  The absence of ice and snow has meant life on the yard is more bearable than past winters but has led to a noticeably increased amount of algae on pontoons and boats in the marina. It's been a busy month in [...]

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January 2016

Damp, dull and dark days set the tone for a subdued start to the New Year. As the days mature, they offer no dry and by the time the evening dag* settles it barely seems like the sun has risen at all. The rain has been relentless. Masts stream with water, which gathers into rivulets [...]

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