About KT Fields

Relatively new to all things nautical - always willing to learn - and thankfully been granted a solid pair of sea legs and a strong nerve, sea going trips up as far as Boston and down to the Thames have been an adventure. Although, learning to sail dinghies has been a very different matter....... “And out floated Eeyore...looking very calm, very dignified, with his legs in the air... from beneath the bridge. "It's Eeyore!" cried Roo, terribly excited. "Is that so?" said Eeyore, getting caught up by a little eddy, and turning slowly round three times. "I wondered." "I didn't know you were playing," said Roo. "I'm not," said Eeyore. "Eeyore, what are you doing there?" said Rabbit. "I'll give you three guesses, Rabbit. Digging holes in the ground? Wrong. Leaping from branch to branch of a young oak-tree? Wrong. Waiting for somebody to help me out of the river? Right... "But, Eeyore," said Pooh in distress, "what can we--I mean, how shall we--do you think if we--" "Yes," said Eeyore. "One of those would be just the thing. Thank you, Pooh.” (AA Milne)

December 2015

Cold nights and sharp frosts contrast with warm evenings and misty mornings creating a confused start to this month.  Winter birds make the most of good feeding ground on the saltings, while a few swans still gaze in hope at empty boats in the marina.  Our familiar noisy oyster catchers are quiet and have been [...]

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November 2015

To those who love being out on the water, escaping the seemingly mundane life of landlubbers, Nov 1st often signals time up on this idyllic life - but with the current mild weather many have been eking out their time afloat.  The demand for lifts and lay ups stretches beyond each days’ available tide so [...]

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October 2015

After hot endless summer days, October brings a new sense of urgency to the yard. Just as the nights pull in and the days become shorter, the phone rings constantly with customers making arrangements for lifts and winter storage.  It's time to organise the yard, make up new cradles, and prepare the ground for old [...]

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